How could you know how much I love YOU?


That Many?!

Occasionally I sit here,

Thinking for hours and hours what on earth I can write that is…

Weighty enough.

I sit and I wait for inspiration,

And I think, what’s wrong with the world so much that I can see it?

And in one uncomfortable instant,

I realize that I have watched Pacific Rim well over six times.

The Americans

Are you listening now?

It’s the Fourth of July, which to me simply means stupid kids are out drunk too late with little bombs

Too big for their mouths.

But to some it means the world, independence or freedom or superiority.

To the smart ones it’s just another day.


Dear you,


One second while I catch my breath to deliver my elegant speech!

(I must look nervous in my skin!)

Dear you, to whom I write.

Dear you, for whom I sing and cry.

Dear you,

Dear you….

You know I’m here.

You know I’m here, why.

And now I know why.

Love, me.


Notebooks are fine

For little bits and lines

Of things you won’t remember

Till the day you find

Your fine,


Find your fine little notebook,

Find your little savior-thine!